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Red & RedfiX offer a solution to the many gaps our patients and clients have experienced in modern medicine.

Showing up for an injection to manage the pain is only one piece of the puzzle. Our combined clinics offer a range of solutions from using your own blood (cytokine therapy) put together with a program of anti-inflammatory eating and activity modification…is helping our clients get back to a full and active life.

Get back into life and the ability and the energy to move.

Regenerative Radiology

All clients having musculoskeletal injections performed at Red Radiology are eligible for a gap free consultation with our highly trained Exercise Physiologists and/or Dietitian. 

A request form from your Specialist or GP is required.

CT Guided Injections

Facet Joint/Nerve Root/Epidural injections.

A combination of cortisone and anaesthetic is injected into the region of concern under CT guidance for the management of neck and back pain, referred arm, hand, buttock, groin or leg pain where a probable cause has already been diagnosed.
Ultrasound Guided Injections

Guided injections can assist with the management of painful musculoskeletal conditions related to repeated motion or stress, osteoarthritis and bursitis.

The best results with these injections are obtained when they are part of a more holistic rehabilitation program.
This is a regenerative procedure, performed under ultrasound guidance, where your own healthy tendon cells are harvested, grown in a laboratory and re-injected into problem area. The newly injected cells produce collagen and healthy tendon tissue in turn strengthening the tendon, improving its function and minimising pain.

Orthocell therapy is typically reserved for the treatment of end-stage tendinopathies in an effort to avoid surgery.
for osteoarthritic pain
Orthokine (cytokine therapy) is a form of injection therapy (similar to PRP) which harnesses and enhances your body’s natural defense mechanisms against inflammation to reduce pain and improve movement.

Performed by our radiologists under ultrasound guidance, your own blood is drawn and incubated for 6-9 hours in special tubes. This stimulates the white blood cells to generate large quantities of positive proteins that slow down the inflammatory response of the body.

Osteoarthritis responds particularly well to this form of treatment.
Synvisc-One Injections
This therapy is commonly used for reducing the effects of arthritic pain for up to 12 months; the painful joint is injected with a fluid containing hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in our bodies. The fluid provides a cushioning effect and it is particularly effective in larger joints like the knee.

The best outcomes for these procedures include an appropriate activity modification program. We work closely with our exercise physiologists at RedfiX to develop a plan to help keep you moving.
More Regenerative Therapies coming soon.

Regenerative Therapies

We have a range of natural regenerative therapies (with our own twist) that complement our regenerative radiology treatments. 
Many of these services can receive private health rebates and some can qualify for Medicare. 

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy involves the conversion of a sound wave into a shockwave that is applied repeatedly to a specific area of the body to increase the blood flow and promote healing. We provide you with a post-visit care and appropriate activity program for the best outcome from your therapy.

Conditions treated include:
• Plantar fasciitis
• Tennis/golfer’s elbow
• Achilles tendinopathy
• Patellofemoral pain syndrome
• Calcific tendinitis of the shoulder
Remedial Massage with an Exercise Physiologist

Our Exercise Physiologists are trained to apply a variety of techniques to help locate and repair damaged areas of the body, while in turn speeding up the body’s own healing process.

Techniques offered at RedfiX include:
• Dry Needling (IMS)
• Trigger Point Therapy
• Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
• Neuromuscular Technique (NMT)
• Positional Release Technique (PRT)
• Myofascial Release Technique (MFR)
• Swedish Relaxation Massage Technique
Anti-inflammatory eating programs

This eating program is designed to prevent and/or reduce low-grade chronic inflammation, which is a key risk factor for a wide number of health concerns including; Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Working with our dietitian, you’ll learn which foods, in combination with activities like exercise and sleep, may help reduce your risk of these and other illnesses.

We all need a little help from our friends every now and again. Nutrition and exercise do go hand in hand – to have the energy to exercise you need to make sure your nutrition is also on track. Injuries can, and do, occur as a result of nutritional shortfalls.
Sports nutrition is also multifaceted, from the training and competition cycle and even to recovery from injury, the nutritional needs at each stage are different.
Speak with our friendly Dietitian to help understand where you might need a little additional support with your nutrition.
Post-Procedural Care and Recovery

At Red Radiology and RedfiX we want to see you moving more freely.

The therapy, be it cortisone, Orthokine, shockwave or remedial massage is only the start of the process to helping you feel better than ever.

We firmly believe, and it is backed up by research, that with the right activity modification program you can optimise your recovery and feel better than you did before you were injured.
Exercise + Training Programs

Training with an Exercise Physiologist is like nothing else.

They know how the body moves, and more specifically how YOUR body moves. They know just how far to push you to get the results you are looking for without injury.

All programs are tailored to you, your body and your goals. Your EP will constantly assess your technique and ensure you are effectively challenged.

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